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Eyebrow Transplants

Eyebrow Transplants

Eyebrow Transplantat clinic kuwait

Gain fuller and more attractive eyebrows with an expert FUE or FUT eyebrow transplant at Turkey Hair Transplant Clinic


Your eyebrows frame your face and provide balance and structure. They are crucial to its symmetry and perceived attractiveness.


For various reasons, many of us choose to pull, pluck or even laser our eyebrows to follow a particular trend. Past trends involved making the eyebrows much thinner but more recently, the trend adopted seems to be for fuller and thicker eyebrows.


For many men and women, due to the pulling, waxing or over-plucking of their eyebrows, they cannot grow back the hair as it has permanently been removed. This continuous rubbing and pulling of the hairs initiates a process called traction alopecia, which in-turn permanently removes the eyebrow hairs from the face.


Another aesthetic problem might be scarring. Eyebrows are such an important part of the face contributing to facial recognition, emotion and communication. When an eyebrow is scarred it can be very noticeable. With eyebrow implantation, we can rebuild narrow or thinning eyebrows, build new eyebrows from scratch, or even repair scars. This form of implantation is suitable for both men and women.


If you are struggling with thinness in your eyebrow area, are suffering from scarring or you just want to achieve an improved arch or aesthetic, do get in touch with our friendly team and try this permanent solution to the problem.